Photo & Film Education At Your Fingertips


Photo & Film Education
At Your Fingertips

Tips For Photographing Children

If I learned anything in the 5 years of working for a high volume children's photo studio, it's that kids smell fear. They know if their parents are feeling stressed and if you’re feeling stressed....Read more

Fujifilm GFX-50S: Hands-on

Fujifilm has been a leader in mirrorless camera performance and functionality over the last several years with cameras like the X-Pro2, X-T2, and XE-2S. The Fuji mirrorless system has grown to a wide...Read more

After Shooting: How to Cull Your Images

You’ve just come back from photographing your favorite subject. Maybe it was your daughter's soccer game or some birds. Regardless of what you were shooting, your next job is to start working...Read more

Top 5 Lenses for Shallow Depth of Field

If you’re looking to play with depth of field and get some sweet bokeh, these are our top 5 lenses for both Canon & Nikon. 50MM - THE STANDARD LENS The 50mm is considered the classic focal...Read more

Achieving Shallow Depth of Field Success

Nikon D3s | Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII @ 155mm |1/60sec | f/2.8 | ISO 200 Even if you don’t know what its called, people are sure to recognize images with shallow depth of field as the artistic look of...Read more

Full Frame vs. Crop Sensors

  If you’re a new shooter in the market for a DSLR camera there’s no doubt you’ve come across the full frame vs. crop sensor debate, but what does will it mean for your photography? Let’s start...Read more

How To Photograph Snowflakes

If you’re looking for a fun & challenging photo activity for your next snow day, photographing snowflakes is perfect. In this quick guide, we’ll cover the basics of extreme macro photography,...Read more

How To Nail Your Next Ring Shot

It all started when, at one wedding, we had three hours of dancing to shoot and the same ten people were on the dance floor the entire time. The cake was cut, the glasses were clinked for the...Read more

3 Reasons You'll Grow To Dislike Your Kit Lens

Digital SLR cameras have come a long way over the years. One thing that hasn’t, however, is the kit lenses that come with them.   What’s a "kit" lens? It's one of those 18mm-something, f/3.5-5.6...Read more

Use A Cup To Learn Off Camera Flash

Want to learn about lighting and off camera flash? This simple exercise is easy to setup and will really get your photo brain working. The best part is you won’t need anything but some basic...Read more

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5 Small Video Lights That Pack A Punch

When you're shooting a short film, commercial or interview, there is a likely possibility that you'll have plenty of room to set up lights. You may even have a crew that can help out! In the case...Read more

Film Riot's Favorite Cameras

  If you've seen any Film Riot episodes, you know the host Ryan Connolly uses a slew of cameras, lenses and lighting during his productions. In the above video, he calls out 5 of his favorite...Read more

The best way to organize bins in Adobe Premiere Pro

Organizing media within Premiere Pro can be a a daunting task. David, from Archaius Creative, shows us how they build a basic template using Bins that can be used on just about any type of...Read more

XEEN Cine Lenses

  At $2,500 bucks each, the Xeen cinema lenses are a steal compared to their Zeiss and Canon counterparts. Here’s just a quick rundown of the key features: $2,500 each to buy, ~$164 to rent for...Read more

How Renting Gear Can Limit Your Liability

It happened one day... we got a call from a new customer who said their church had been broken into and their gear, along with several other things, were stolen over night. They were headed into the...Read more

5 Tips To Prepare For A Mission Trip

You're serving communities around the world - let your own congregation see this work. You are traveling to another town, state or country to help make a difference. You may be traveling as a group...Read more

Renting Gear To Cover Church Events

Holidays undoubtedly have the largest gatherings. Do you ever wish that you could capture these celebrations to share with audiences near and far?  Covering special events usually present new...Read more

Stay Up To Date With Technology By Renting Gear

At the end of 2008, a camera, the Canon 5DMKII, was released and it forever changed how we use video on a monthly, if not weekly, or, for some people, daily basis. The camera that was $3,500 when...Read more

Lavs vs Shotgun Mics

Bad audio is the number one thing that doom the success of a video. Viewers will tolerate a bad image for far longer than sound that’s difficult or grating to listen to. This is why it’s imperative...Read more

Raise Production Value For Your Church

If you’re just starting out in video production, the cost up front to acquire the even a basic camera & lens setup can be cost-prohibitive. For instance, the retail cost of the gear in our basic...Read more

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