Raise Production Value For Your Church

If you’re just starting out in video production, the cost up front to acquire even a basic camera & lens setup can be cost-prohibitive. For instance, the retail cost of the gear in our basic interview package totals close to $11,000. That’s one camera, one lens, a microphone and some lights.

Now, scale that up to cover something like your average worship service with three to five cameras, and you can see how the numbers snowball.

As a rental, however, this basic interview package could cost as low as $700 without the camera and lens

When you’re renting, the advantage is that you can shoot on much higher-quality equipment right from the start. You don’t have to compromise the quality of your production based on the limits of your budget.

Kessler Pocket Jib with Sachtler Head

Renting even allows you access to specialized tools, like “gimbals” or “jibs” (as shown above) which let you move cameras in unique ways — much like you’d see in a Hollywood movie. However, the impact this equipment on the perceived quality of your content will help to keep your audience engaged and spread the reach of your message.

One of our favorite tools to raise the production value of a basic film is a slider. The slider, a side to side movement, is a simple addition that will add interest. Team it up with the Kessler Second Shooter and you will have an array of options. 

Another favorite category of tools to raise production value are gimbals. There are plenty of gimbals to choose from, starting with the handheld DJI OSMO, to the Letus Helix, Kenyon Labs Gyros, DJI Ronins and Freefly MoVI systems. Outside of battery operated there are also Glidecams. Any and all of these products will allow you to move with your subject making the audience feel like they are part of the story. 

Looking to really go outside the box? Try an Ikelite underwater housing! Sure, anyone can film above water, but few go under!

If you aren’t quite sure what tools will work best for your story, give our team a call! We’d love to help you find the perfect piece of gear!

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