Renting Gear For Your Church Can Be Affordable

Being in charge of a budget is never easy, but when it deals with purchasing camera equipment for media production, it can agonizing. Quality cameras, lenses, lighting, microphones, and support devices all contribute to a higher production quality. However, the goal of using professional level tools isn’t some self aggrandizing venture. Simply put, in today’s media savvy culture, you want people to connect with the messages you’re trying to deliver. The higher your production value, the easier it is for your viewers to remain in the moment and experience the powerful journey visual media can provide.

The major hurdle for most organizations is finding a way to invest the capital to build even a basic video production package. Others with more established budgets for equipment struggle with how to best allocate their resources. In both situations, renting equipment in whole or in part is an often overlooked option.

As a national rental company who ships gear directly to its customers we fully understand that the economics of renting camera equipment don’t make sense for every situation. 

Just starting out? Get professional results right away!

  • Canon C100 Mark II Camera – $3999
  • Canon 24-105 f/2.8 Mark II Lens -$999
  • Westcott 2 Light 1×1 LED Bi-Color Panel Kit w/stands- $2999
  • Westcott Icelight 2 LED Light – $499
  • Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lav Mic Kit – $629
  • Manfrotto 504 head w/535 leg Tripod System – $999
  • 3x Manfrotto Light Stands – $340
  • 2x 64GB SD Card – $70

Total – $10,540

Does your church have this type of budget set aside for equiptment? Maybe! But the question becomes: Will this gear work for absolutely every shoot you have planned moving forward? (Consider at least 3 years out)

For instance, the equipment you’d use to film a testimonial at your church could be wildly different than what you’d need to document an international mission trip.

Renting allows you access to professional level tools right from the start. Rather than spending money cameras and accessories that you can currently afford, renting allows you to start producing right away. You could cut corners on equipment and spend less by trying to omit some of these pieces to fit your budget, but what would be the impact on the final product’s quality. 

The basic interview kit listed above would cost $1,219 as a rental with round trip shipping included in the price. Want extra protection while the gear is in your hands? Add the Protection Plan! 

Not only can renting gear save you money up front, but it also allows you to be more flexible. If you want to film a choir concert one week, shoot interviews the next and have mission work planned a few weeks down the road that you want to take photos of, you’ll need different gear. Plus, think of all the different gear you’ll get to play with! That’s a win win, right? 

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