Two 3-Light Interview Lighting Setups

If you’re tired of having stale, boring looking interviews, we’ll show you how to setup two different  3-point lighting setups. We’re going to use some awesome LED lights from Westcott that are lightweight and ultra portable.

Find the right location

The first thing you’re going to want to do anytime you film, is find the right location. For the first two examples we selected an interior room with no windows. You can find a room like this in most places.

Why is a windowless room a good idea? It gives you complete control over the lighting. This a must if you’re shooting multiple interviews throughout the day, or shooting over several days.

Now that we’ve got our location, we’ll begin setting up out gear. Here’s what we’ll be using for lights:

Clean & Bright Look

This lighting arrangement is designed to give you nice, even lighting. Its perfect for when you don’t want to draw attention to your lighting. To start, get everything mounted on stands, and then grab the 1×2 Flex panel which is going to serve as our “Key” light.  

This is the fun part, you can use the 3D model above as a guide. The secret is that you really just want to move the light until it looks good on your subject. Watch out for things like deep shadows or reflections in eye glasses.

The next piece we’ll move into place is what will be our “Fill”. We’re using a bounce board to throw some of the light back from the key light. You can control the intensity of this fill by moving it towards or away from your subject.

We love bounce boards because they can be made out of just about anything thats light colored or reflective. In this example we’re using shiny foam insulation board from home depot. You may sometimes see fills as actual lights, but that would make this setup a 4 light arrangement.  

The third light in our setup is the hair/rim light which is placed behind the subject. This light’s purpose is to create separation between your subject and the background. To achieve this we’ve chosen to use the Westcott Icelight on a Manfrotto magic arm. This makes it very easy to position the light and helps to keep the light stand out of your frame.

Finally, we’ll want to place the background light. In our setup we’ve got it positioned very close to the wall to give a gradient effect and help to bring the wall brightness up to match our subject. Play around with the light placement, distance from the wall, and intensity to tailor your look. Below is an example of what this lighting looks like in real life, pulled straight out of the video.

Moody Split Color Temp Look

The next setup we’ll show you gives a much more contrasty and unique look. We’ll be using the adjustable color temperature feature of the Flex Lights for this shot as well. We love bi-color lights because they let you more closely match existing lighting, and provide you with creative options for filming.

We’ll be keeping our 1×2 Flex LED as the key light, still placed camera right. The difference being we’ll place it further around the side of the subject. What you’re looking for is light to fall mostly on one side of the face. You want just a little bit of spill under the eye opposite the light. We’ll also be adjusting the color temperature setting of the light to 3200K.

Next, for the same side rim light, we’ll use the 1×1 Flex LED placed slightly behind the subject as seen in this diagram. This light we’re going to set to 6000K to create the warm/cool tone look.

Lastly, we’ll use the Icelight to act as a second rim light and fill on the left hand side of the subject.

You can play with the brightness of this light to adjust how contrasty your look is.

To fully sell this look, you’ll want to adjust the white balance in your camera to about 4000K. This will highlight the color temperature difference in camera.


These two lighting setups are just an example of the possible lighting arrangements and looks that can be achieved with our LED Interview lighting setup. You can rent the entire kit we’ve covered here and have it shipped straight to your door.

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