Things You Should Know About the Fujinon MK 18-55 T2.9 Cine Zoom

Below is an overview of the video above:

Today we’re talking about the all new Fujinon MK 18-55 T2.9 Cine Zoom. I’m going to be talking about the features this lens has and some of the physical characteristics. If you want to check out the optics, check out the lens test I did. 
First, let’s just talk quickly about how the lens feels right off the bat. It’s super lightweight and is a lot smaller than you would think it would be. It weighs 2.2 pounds and is just under 9″ without the hood. The focus, iris, and zoom rings are super smooth, and the focus has a decent throw of about 180 degrees.

This lens has a lot of cool features that I would love to see in more lenses going forward. First is that you can completely close down the iris. You can shoot at T2.9 throughout or stop down to T4.0 if you are shooting in the sun. 

This lens is also part focal, meaning that you can zoom in, get focused, and then zoom back out and your focus will stay locked. This is really helpful for run-and-gun style shooting. Another really neat thing with this lens is that there’s a macro mode! Being able to adjust your minimum focus distance from 2’8″ to only inches away from the front of the lens giving you tons of flexibility in all kinds of scenarios.

Following the Sigma Cine Zooms, you get an 82mm front thread, so you can use variable ND filters, and you have no need to weigh down your rig with a matte box and bulky filters.

This lens does an amazing job at reducing flares. If that’s something you need in a lens, you will definitely find it with this one.

As with anything, this lens has some quirks, but for the most part they’re not that big of a deal. One big one for many people is that this lens is released in only a Sony E Mount version. We’d love them to see them released in EF version down the line (but that may not be possible because it’ll put way too much competition on their own line of Cabrio lenses). 

Being such a lightweight lens, you would figure that they would cut corners somewhere, and it definitely feels like that in the body. It does have a plastic feel to it, so you’ll want to take some extra precautions when packing this one up.

Lastly, this lens is only for Super 35 sensors. This isn’t a huge deal being that the market is for the FS5 and FS7 shooters, and even in A7 series if you put it in crop mode, but it is something to know if you’re looking to try this lens out on any other body.

Overall, this lens has some great potential, and we’re excited to get out and shoot some more with it!

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