Hiring Archaius Creative (a Post Production House) Saved The Job

As a filmmaker, there will be a time in which you want to scream for help when it comes to editing. It’s a very normal reaction when you have jobs piling up and not enough hours in a day. But what if there was a solution? Working with a post production house is like slipping into a warm bathtub with a glass of wine in your hand. The amount of stress you have melts away. This is our story: 

I (Meg) was running a filmmaking conference in San Antonio, TX with over 100 people in attendance. On the second day, all attendees went to a working ranch for hands-on education. The overall concept was to record live events taking place and create a final film the ranch could use for promotional purposes. The day went perfect. It wasn’t until we started to receive footage from the instructors that we started to panic. The instructors were using all different cameras with varied settings. 

Cue Archaius Creative. You may recognize their name from our YouTube Channel where they have an entire playlist of Adobe Premiere editing tutorials.  David Aguilar and his team provide a full range of post production services. Most commonly they are provided raw footage and create a deliverable, final video. After seeing what we were working with, we wanted them to do just that: take all of our raw footage and create the final film for the ranch. 

They accepted the challenge and we began the process of getting the files to them. Footage from about 15 different cameras, multiple drones and a few cameras that shot time lapses. Audio that was captured on shotgun mics, lavs and more. We told them our vision for the film, what it needed to include and what our thoughts were on music.

David from Archaius Creative says,“The scope of work includes collaborating on music options and multiple rounds of revisions to both the creative editing, and the color and mixing phases. But this isn’t always the case; we’re proud to offer scalable services that fit any client’s needs. Whether it be just organizing and culling raw footage, providing a first cut-only, or just color grading an otherwise final video, we’re able to fit into any amount of a videographer’s post production workflow. We focus on creating videos that blend into a filmmaker’s established style, and work hard to communicate effectively and personally so that everyone enjoys a productive and collaborative workflow.” 

In all honesty, I was expecting them to look at the assortment of files we sent and tell me that they couldn’t help us. Instead they said they were good to go and set expectations as to when I’d hear from them again.

A few weeks later, David contacted me to say that they were done with the first draft. They had sent it through one of our favorite video reviewers, Frame.io. Several of their team members had a hand in the final video, each working on something that they excel at whether it was editing, color grading or audio. It blew our mind that each one of them could see the same vision and work together to create a final piece.

“While some people find it enjoyable and rewarding to be a one-man-band in the post production process, we’ve found the most success (and happiness) when we’re each doing the top one or two things we absolutely love. We heard it best from the great Adrian Koehler: the best well-rounded groups are made up of sharp individuals.”

In using Frame.io, I was able to easily leave feedback for the team. While watching the film you can start typing at any moment and it will pause and leave a note for the editor at that exact moment in the timeline. Because of this experience we began using Frame.io in house at LensProToGo. 

After a few changes, color grading and final music selections, we received the final film below.

Archaius Creative not only edited a final film we were proud to put our name on but they also saved the job. In so many cases, it’s not entirely about the final film provided to the client but the expectations they have of you, your work and your turnaround time. It’s rare to find a client who doesn’t ask when they can expect their final film to be complete. The worst feeling in the world is to tell a client they can expect it in 3-6 months or that you need a few more weeks to work on it. This increases the stress on you and it’s no longer fun.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide clients a video that they’re proud to call their own. We don’t have any egos about our work or our abilities, our logo doesn’t go at the end of any clients’ videos, and we don’t take credit unless it’s given to us. We realize that most often our involvement on a project should be as unnoticed as successful editing: the art of being unseen.There are tons of talented editors and artists out there, the trick is finding the ones that are fun to work with – especially if it’s going to be on a regular basis that your business is going to come to depend on.” 

Was handing the reigns over to Archaius Creative the better solution? ABSOLUTELY.The amount of stress that was lifted off our shoulders was incredible. We were able to move along to other projects knowing the film was in good hands. The main reason it all worked was because we trusted David and team. They are an invaluable resource we are lucky to work with. 

Interested in learning more about working with Archaius Creative or have questions on how they could help you? Check out their website and let them know you heard about them through LensProToGo! 

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