8 Marketing Ideas For Wedding Photographers

What are you doing this year to place your wedding photography business in front of ideal clients? Active and strategic marketing in your business is key to booking more weddings and growing your business. We reached out to wedding photo editing company ShootDotEdit to find their thoughts on the top marketing tips.

As a wedding photographer, marketing is vital to help you place your images in front of ideal clients. We reached out to photographers Justin and Mary Marantz and The Scobeys to bring you 8 marketing ideas to use for your wedding photography business.


As you work on your marketing efforts, it is vital to discover who your target audience is. This requires you to do some research into your ideal client and the specific details about them. These details can help you narrow down the perfect audience for you. The Scobeys explain that the reason you should know your target market is, so you can use a marketing strategy that caters directly to them, rather than spending your efforts on clients who may not be ideal for you.

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Once you have decided who your target audience is and what images you can share with them, create short and long-term goals. Justin and Mary Marantz note that short-term goals are smaller tasks you can accomplish immediately, such as posting one wedding per week on your website and blog. Goals that are long-term focus on your overall business goals, such as increasing your bookings for next year through sharing relevant content.


With billions of users on Facebook, you have the chance to reach larger audiences of ideal clients. The Scobeys recommend for you to use the knowledge you have about your target audience to build a strategy that allows you to post consistently. Once you post on Facebook, make sure you also utilize features that help you tag couples, vendors, and other photographers to help expand your reach on the platform.

Tip: This infographic shares 4 tips to help you successfully share on social media, including Facebook!


As a part of your marketing strategy, ensure you strengthen your relationships with vendors. Start by sharing images with them after the wedding day. Although it takes time, sharing images sets you apart and vendors appreciate the gesture. Keep a turnaround time similar to the one you use for your clients, so vendors are just as excited to receive the images. When they share your images on their platforms, your reach expands exponentially.

Justin and Mary suggest leaving a sample album at your favorite venues, which helps you share your images with them and clients who are interested in that location.


Often times, your website is one of the first touch points for ideal clients. Think about your website like a storefront – if done properly, visitors will likely stay and learn more about you. The Scobeys recommend maintaining your website to create an overall positive experience. Focus on your homepage and the images you share, your “About Me” page and what you share about yourself, and your pricing page and the clarity you provide. 

Tip: Make sure your website is also mobile-friendly. The Scobeys report over 40% of their website traffic comes from mobile users. Keep in mind, if the experience is positive for your clients on both desktop and mobile, they are more likely to stay on your site and learn more about you and your services.


Once you book a client, it’s important to take care of them. Justin and Mary send their clients gifts that are non-photography related, like a Bride & Groom Cookbook from Williams-Sonoma. They recommend sending gifts clients will share on social media since that will spread the word about you. Taking care of clients is an important part of marketing for your business, as they are also likely to refer you to their family and friends.

Image Compliments of The Scobeys


To market to and attract ideal clients, consistent blogging is crucial for your business. The Scobeys share that when you post regularly, you keep your blog readers coming back for more, and your posts are more likely to get noticed by search engines. Since blogging may be one of your least favorite tasks, you can outsource to a leader in the industry, like Fotoskribe, to help you develop a consistent schedule for your blog.


As a social media platform that focuses on images, Instagram is a perfect social platform to use for your marketing. Justin and Mary use Instagram to showcase their brand, as well as some of the advanced features it offers. From hashtags that represent your business, tagging, and geotagging options, you can quickly place your photos in front of ideal clients who are in search of a wedding photographer.


Another way to expand your reach is to create referral networks with photographers who are like-minded and work with similar clients. The Scobeys mention this allows you to share clients with other photographers when you are booked, and vice versa. Create these groups on your own, and be intentional in who you reach out to. Referral networks allow you to gain more referrals for your business and to build genuine connections with others in the industry. 

Marketing is so important for the success and longevity of your business. Continue learning more about your ideal clients and how you can attract them to your website and blog, so you can book more and grow your business. Discover additional marketing tips from top wedding pros with our free Guide: Marketing for Wedding Photographers. Grab your copy today!

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