Be the Hero with a Wedding Emergency Kit

One thing you learn pretty quickly as a wedding photographer is to be prepared for anything. It’s your job to to be calm, cool and collected. But what about your clients? Here’s a quick list of items you can have on hand as part of a client emergency kit. There’s no better feeling than having just the thing to save the day. I was lucky to receive one of these a few years ago from some awesome photography friends and its seen a ton of use. Ready to build one? Here’s how you’ll do it…

The first step is to grab a hanging travel organizer to keep all your goodies ready to go. I like the clear plastic material vs. mesh because it makes finding exactly what you need easier. Store it in your car under your seat if it will be easily accessible or bring it with you so its always at the ready. 


You won’t be reattaching any limbs with what you’ll find in here but you’ll have the basics covered should there be any unfortunate mishaps.

Mini First Aid Kit – For cleaning up minor cuts & scrapes.

Pain Relievers – Have the essentials, Advil, Tylenol, Midol, etc.

Digestive Fixes – Peptobismol tablets, Tums

Hand Sanitizer – Germs-be-gone!

Aloe Vera – Soothe a sunburn


Hair Spray – Fix those fly aways

Bobby Pins – Re-up the up-do.

Boutonniere Pins – Lost or forgotten pins, no problem! 

Collar extenders – Fix that shirt that’s too tight. Total lifesaver.

Fashion Tape – Sticky double sided tape. 

Makeup Remover Wipes – For faces & groom’s jackets.

Lint Roller – Just let it all roll off your back

Mini Sewing Kit w/spare buttons- Having one handy is great. Bonus points for being able to sew the fix yourself.

Nail Trimmer & file – Take care of that broken nail before it snags on something

Instant Stain Remover – Fix that oops.


Multi tool knife – There are 1000s of uses for these things. Go for one with a corkscrew if you can.

Allen Wrench Set – You may end up needing this one in a pinch.

Mini Bungee cords – Keep it together

Crazy Glue – A quick fix for just about anything, just don’t glue your fingers together

Bic Lighter – Portable fire. Much Wow. Many uses.

Pen/Pencil/Sharpie – For writing a note, or getting to the wedding on time by fixing that cut fuel line.


Gum/Mints – Pick your favorite, have enough to share 😉

Mouthwash – If mints won’t cut it, but there’s no time to brush

Toohbrush/Toothpaste – For the full mouth refresh experience.

Deodorant –  His and Her varieties.

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes – If you’re not sure, give it a wipe.

Feminie Hygine Supplies – Don’t let a inconvenient arrival put a cramp in the fun.

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