Bright Tangerine Revolvr Follow Focus

If you’re the kind of shooter who’s happened upon this page because you need silky smooth focus control that doesn’t mess around, you’ve come to the right place. The Bright Tangerine Revolvr is a newcomer to the established follow focus scene of ARRIs and O-Connors but don’t be fooled; this thing is no freshman effort.

With a price tag of close to $4000, this follow focus system might be hard to justify for many shooters. The reason tools like this exist in the high-end cinema world is that they are designed to work with little compromise. Those users demand a rig that’s no fuss, offers fast setup, is flexible and has rock-solid construction.


The core of the Revolver is the lightweight bridge and cine arm. Our bridge is sized for 15mm rod systems and features a snap-in design. This makes adjustments incredibly simple as you don’t have to remove everything upstream to mount it. The bridge locks and unlocks via a simple eject lever.

The Revolvr is designed to be compatible with as many lenses and camera setups as possible. The cine arm can mount to the front or back of the bridge and the 35 or 42 tooth 0.8 pitch gears can mount on either side of the arm. Adjustments are quick and easy via large locking knobs that you can use with gloves. In fact, every control on the Revolvr has the same ergonomic attention to detail. There’s nothing worse than having to remove a glove in cold weather to fiddle with minuscule controls.


Moving out from the bridge, our configuration of the Revolvr includes dual handwheels. These are interchangeable for right or left side operation. The handwheels themselves have a nice taper and a grippy rubber surface that gives great tactile feedback. There is no detectable lash in the system at all, so you’ll feel super connected to your lenses.

What we’ve been most impressed with, however, is the design of the focus stops. Of course, they are easy to position and lock in place, but it’s the slick little plunger design that lets you disengage the hard stop function in an instant. They even have nice rubber o-rings to cushion your stop & minimize noise on set.


Other accessories that we include are the 10” Whip and Revolvr 4D Speed Crank. The whip works exactly like you’d expect it should while the speed crank impresses with its adjustability. Not only can you vary the length of the crank arm with its telescoping handle, but you can also tilt it from 90 to 130 degrees giving you extra clearance when you need it.

Both the whip and speed crank feature an active expanding coupling for slop-free control. You can even ditch the handwheels and connect directly to the bridge when you need less weight or a more compact rig. Fully loaded the Revolvr comes in at only 3.8 pounds.

With all of this in mind, you can understand why we’re so excited to be adding the Bright Tangerine Revolvr to our rental lineup. It’s got incredible build quality and a pro level feature set that’s perfect for demanding shoots. It’s a great compliment to those Canon Cine Zooms on your Arri Alexa or Red Epic-W rental. We won’t pretend that the idea of a $3800 follow focus is right for everyone’s purchasing budget, but it does make for an attractive option when when you’re renting a high end rig and only the best will do. If you have questions about the Bright Tangerine Revolvr, let us know in the comments below.

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