New Protection Plan Coverage!

If you’ve rented gear with us before, you’ve heard about our protection plan. In our efforts to provide more coverage and better options for all of our customers, we are now proud to offer Protection Plan Plus!

Protection Plan Plus offers the same protection as the standard plan for accidental damage to the equipment, but additionally protects you against certain situations that make it impossible to return the equipment that you rented. Was the equipment stolen? You’re covered. Is it at the bottom of the ocean after it fell overboard? You’re covered. Did it get sucked up in a tornado? You’re covered. Did it fall off an aircraft (seriously)? You’re covered. Just like with the standard Protection Plan, your liability is limited to 10% of the replacement value of the covered equipment. In cases of a total loss of the equipment (as opposed to damage), you must provide LensProToGo with documentation of the loss, as well as allow for an investigation into the claim before your liability is limited. Please keep in mind that loss in transit or confiscated by airline/TSA is not covered by Protection Plan Plus. You also can use this plan instead of a standard Certificate of Insurance on larger volume orders.

Please note that water damage, sand damage, and damage due to negligence are still subject to the 10% deductible on both protection plans.

If you have questions about the protection plans that we offer, what is covered, or what to do in the event of an accident with gear, click here! Or drop a comment below.

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