2019 Review

2019 was a great year at LensProToGo. Here are some of the noteworthy things that happened!

500 new products were added to our inventory

From big cinema cameras like the Red Ranger, to all the essentials like batteries and memory cards, we added 500 new products to our inventory this year.

We had 2.8 million views and 19k new subscribers on our YouTube Channel

We went over a ton of new gear, cinematography lighting breakdowns, lens tests, and more. But it was the Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens that really blew us away, and got over 400k views.

We started renting drones!

We know what we said, but we finally came around! You can now rent drones. Cue the confetti 🎉

363 Burritos were consumed

A Tuesday at the LPTG office is affectionately known as “Burrito Day” – this year we ate a lot of them! If you’re ever in the neighborhood, Oscar’s Burritos is the best. Did you know we all eat lunch together every day?

7,480 Blow Pops were purchased

If you know, you know- since the beginning we’ve included a blow pop in every rental order (who doesn’t love a treat?) and this year we’ve purchased 7,480 of these suckers!

We shipped rental orders to all 50 states

Alaska, Hawaii, and even South Dakota! Our gear is well travelled to say the least.

We built a lot of cool rigs

One of the cool parts about working with gear is the opportunity to build cool (or…just straight up weird) rigs. It’s a favorite pastime of one of our techs, Dom! Find him on Instagram to see some of his crazy builds.

We celebrated our 13th birthday and our 2nd year merged with Lensrentals!

We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store! Bring on more gear, more memories, and more burritos

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