Everything You’ve Been Putting Off Until NOW.

I’m not going to add more noise to the internet about what’s going on in the world. We’re all pretty well aware (but, just in case, google COVID-19 or Coronavirus).

It’s easy to freak out and panic, especially in this industry where there is currently so much uncertainty. But we want to encourage you to…not. Instead, let us present you with a list of Everything-You’ve-Been-Putting-Off, until now, when perhaps you are left with less to shoot, an abundance of free time, and perhaps a creative rut.

1. Clean up your desktop

No, not your literal desktop (although, we promise you a clean organized desk will make you feel a thousand times better). Yes, your computer desktop. We’re looking at you, “final_final_FINALLL.png” and “draft23597y3457idontevencare.psd”. Those layers and layers of screenshots? Now is your time. Now is the moment of truth- make those folders! Organize those files! You’ll feel so much better, we promise. (sincerely, someone who’s desktop looks like…this. Trust me, I’ll be taking my own advice here too.)

2. Shoot your pet

No, not like that! We love pets. We love cats, dogs, and plant babies. No better time than right now, when you’re probably cooped up with your pet AND your camera. Add in a touch of patience, a few treats, and you’re primed and ready to finally get a beautiful pet portrait (rather than a blurry iPhone photo you sent to your mom last week)

3. Clean your camera sensor

If you’ve never done it, we highly recommend following this video from our besties at Lensrentals.

4. Finally learn [fill in the blank]

You name it. Off camera flash? Lighting for indoor portraits? Astrophotography? Birding? Tilt shift photography? Audio for weddings? Get on it! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube or Skillshare or Coursera, or you can always call us here at LensProToGo with gear/process questions too! Start by checking out some of these posts here on our blog:

Off-Camera Flash

Tilt Shift Portrait Photography

Bird & Wildlife Tips

5. Update your website

Maybe you do some updates season to season, but when was the last time you did a real refresh? Swap out last year’s content, update your contact info or your ‘about me’ page, or add some new brand new blog posts.

6. Get ahead on scheduling posts

This is for all the procrastinators, but also for anyone who uses social media for your business. Try batch scheduling your social media posts to free up some brain space for the next few weeks. There are apps that will do this for you, or just make draft posts to post whenever you think it’s appropriate.

7. Shoot the stars

Star gazing is very therapeutic, and forces you to slow down and be intentional with your shots. For a quick crash course, check out this video from Mango Street.

8. Teach someone else your trade

Maybe you’ve got kids at home with you, or maybe you and your spouse are now working from home together. Take some time this week to teach them how to shoot photos or edit a video. It’s always more fun to share hobbies with friends!

9. Make some industry friends

Speaking of friends- join some facebook groups, hop on some forums, or just reach out to other fellow people in your industry. It’s easy to get so deep in your own business that you don’t come up for air. Similarly, I think we often view “industry friends” as competition, so we tend to keep to ourselves. But community is so important for our well being, and having other people in your field to bounce ideas off of, or just to talk to about what’s happening, can be so helpful.

10. Start a podcast/YouTube channel

Yeah, we said it. You’ve got ideas brewing and nowhere to put them? Start a podcast! Start a channel! We’ve got the gear, you’ve got the concepts. Put them together and start sharing with the world!

11. Shoot something new

We’ve given you a couple of ideas here in this post, but there are tons of creative lists and challenges popping up all over the place. Get creative! Try something new! Maybe you’re a wedding photographer, but you’re curious about shooting products. Maybe you’re a landscape photographer who’s looking for a human subject. Step outside of your normal shot list and try something new!

13. Get an updated headshot

Not just a selfie- we’re talking a real headshot. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but as a photographer, I don’t love being in front of the camera. This usually means my headshot or bio photo tends to be out of date. But if you’ve never taken a self portrait, it can be a lot of fun, and there’s no one there but you! If you’ve been working from home for a little while, get dressed up, use that self timer on your camera, and have fun with it! And while you’re at it, update your ‘about me’ page too.

12. Take a break

Yep, we said it. We know working from home or having events cancelled can feel like you’re not hustling. But perhaps the silver lining in this time is that we can all take some time to truly take a break from the constant hustle culture of the world. Work on yourself. Catch up on some personal projects. Get a fresh dose of creativity. Or maybe just take a nap. 🙂

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