6 Challenges To Keep You Creating

Earlier this spring, we launched a series of challenges on our YouTube channel. We tagged them #LensProToGoAtHome. The idea was to get people creating and inspired, even if they couldn’t go out anywhere. So far we’ve posted 5 challenges on a variety of skills and concepts to try out.

1. Unlimited Backdrops

The first challenge was to use your computer or TV screen as a backdrop for your photos or videos. The idea is pretty simple: using a screen, your options for backgrounds are pretty much endless, depending on what you’re shooting. We saw a ton of fun submissions for this challenge, which you can see in Greg’s reaction video here:

2. Stop Motion

Stop motion is a fun and unique way to up the production value of your work, but it’s not for the faint of heart. It takes time and attention to detail, but is well worth the effort when you see the final result.

2. Clone Yourself

I loved this concept, simply because it was a clever way to combat shooting alone. Although you can’t fix *everything* with a clone, it is a fun and interesting idea to surprise your audience, and for the not so video inclined, it will definitely spark some “WOAH, how did you do that?!”. Who doesn’t love feeling like a magician?

4. Combo Photos

I’m a sucker for these types of photos, where you create something a little unbelievable, but also pretty realistic (grapes, balloons?! come on!) The idea is pretty straight forward; take two objects and combine them to look like one object. These remind me of iSpy books from my childhood- at first glance it’s totally a bunch of balloons, but when you take a little bit of a closer look…Alternatively you could take two things that totally don’t make sense together, like glue and cereal, but make it look like you’re pouring glue into the bowl of cereal (as seen below)

5. Flay Lay Photo/Video

If you’ve been around for a little while, you probably know that we love flay lay photos. We made a pretty in depth tutorial last summer on how to get the right lighting and arrangement for this kind of shot. So of course, we challenged you to get one too!

6. Freelensing or Lens Whacking

This technique is one of my favorites, and it’s really easy if you’ve got a camera and lens hanging around. TL;DR- you hold the lens in front of the lens mount, and tilt it around to get cool macro or tilt shift-y effects. This video gives you a run down and also some great ideas on what to freelens too! (Also, what do you prefer, freelensing, or lens whacking?)

I hope this has sparked some inspiration in you. Boredom (and perhaps uncertainty) begets creativity. This season may have brought you some of both! While many people have been creating incredible things to commemorate this time, others have been struggling to formulate ideas. We get both sides of that coin, and we’re here to help spark that genius that’s in you. Bookmark this page and come back anytime your creative brain needs a kickstart!

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