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Things To Know About The Canon C-Log Upgrade For 5DMk IV


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3 Tools To Help You Nail Focus Every Time

Filming with a DSLR gives us the opportunity to shoot with a shallow depth of field (to get that out of focus background look that all clients want). When shooting like this, however, you might shocked when you get to post and find that not nearly as many things are in focus as you thought. In this post we break down 3 tools that help nail focus every time you're shooting.

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3 Tips For Recording Audio On Location

While filming on location, there are many things working against you. With many things you can't control, such as traffic noise, babies crying and even the faintest hum of the refrigerator, you'll want to make sure you're well prepared to make post production easier. We reached out to our friends at Archaius Creative and asked them for tips for recording audio on location. In the video below, Brian discusses 3 tips that will surely make you pleased in post!

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4 Solutions For Mixed Lighting

Mixed lighting in filmmaking and photography typically coincides with sweat, fear and nervous ticks. If you don't know what to do, you'll find yourself spending long nights at the computer attempting to figure out the right tint to add or subtract in order to make the scene look natural. In this post, we cover 4 solutions to try when you find yourself in one of these sticky situations! 

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EQUIP: Film By Vashon Jordan - "Death of a Black Rose"

There are incredible stories all around us, waiting to be uncovered and brought to life. At LensProToGo we are so thrilled to be able to be a part of these projects through EQUIP: Helping Creatives Create.

Our first artist to be helped through this program is a young filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois, Vashon Jordan Jr, who is a recent graduate at Brooks College Prep. This fall he’s off to Kennedy-King College for his associate's degree and plans to attend Columbia College Chicago to complete his Bachelors in Television Production.

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3 Lights Perfect For Lighting A Car Interior

Lighting vehicle interiors for a film has always been a somewhat tricky task. Small confined spaces and power requirements make traditional hot lights impractical, not to mention, dangerous. In this post, we’ll look at 3 compact lights for lighting talent in a car. 

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Filming A Western With A Low Budget: Film Riot

As kids, most of us dream of being cowboys. Ryan Connolly of Film Riot made this dream come true for his crew during the making of Westward to Yuma. Watching the short you may immediately jump to the conclusion that with the location, costumes, props and, most important, quality of film, Ryan had a big budget to work with. You might be surprised to learn that with the gear listed below, they filmed the entire low budget short in just 1 day. Watch the full film here:

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The Secret Sauce: How to Build a Creative Business

For this blog post, we reached out to our filmmaking friend Matt Davis of Studio Sherpas. We asked Matt what he believed was the secret sauce to building a creative business. Below is what he had to say.

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10 Creative Ways To Use A GoPro At Your Next Wedding

What comes to mind when you think about a GoPro camera? Probably snorkeling, mountain biking, snowboarding, skydiving, or…weddings? Okay, probably not that last one, until now!

GoPros are little, lightweight, and ridiculously easy to toss into your camera bag on wedding days. But what for, you ask? Surprisingly, quite a few things! Here are 10 ways to use the small-but-mighty camera at your next wedding.

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Hot Rod Cameras: Los Angeles Camera Rental Pickup Location for LensProToGo

LensProToGo is excited to announce a partnership with Hot Rod Cameras, located in Burbank California. As of today, they will act as a certified pickup location for LensProToGo rentals.

Hot Rod Cameras offers a unique boutique video experience that includes expert technical support. The partnership provides the Los Angeles camera rental market with an additional option. 

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