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Jun 20, 2017 // 12:11 PM

10 Creative Ways To Use A GoPro At Your Next Wedding

Written by Meg Tetrault

What comes to mind when you think about a GoPro camera? Probably snorkeling, mountain biking, snowboarding, skydiving, or…weddings? Okay, probably not that last one, until now!

GoPros are little, lightweight, and ridiculously easy to toss into your camera bag on wedding days. But what for, you ask? Surprisingly, quite a few things! Here are 10 ways to use the small-but-mighty camera at your next wedding.

1. Gift Exchange

The bride and groom typically give each other a gift the day of the wedding. Ask if you would be allowed to secure a GoPro inside of the gift box to capture the reaction of the person receiving it. This could work for bridal party gifts, too!

Customized Industrial Photo Box Courtesy of PhotoFlashDrive

2. Time-Lapse the day

Time-lapse videos are incredibly useful for setting the scene, establishing your location, or transitioning from one time of day to another. Get a shot of the sun rising or setting, the clouds moving, the reception or ceremony spaces filling with guests, or the bridal party getting ready. Set up the GoPro on a tripod mount or a flex clamp and let the camera do the work!

3. behind the alter

The beauty of the GoPro is how small it is compared to other cameras. This makes it perfect for tucking away in inconspicuous places! Try putting the camera behind the alter at the church. This will give a whole new view of the ceremony! 

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4. see the day from the dogs view

If the couple is having their fur baby be part of the wedding, get creative. GoPro makes a harness that can be used on most dogs. The GoPro will attach to the dogs back allowing you to get a different view from their perspective. If the dog is too small for the harness there are plenty of creative ways to make it work. 



Attach a GoPro on a person using the chest mount or wrist strap - this could be a member of the bridal party, a ring bearer or flower girl, or even the bride/groom. See the day through their eyes: walking down the aisle, dancing at the reception, or getting into a cake fight.

6. Outside or Inside a car

Use the suction cup to attach the GoPro to the car. Set it up as a time-lapse to capture the drive from the church to the reception or attach to the side for a unique perspective of the bride and groom getting in and out of the car. Additionally, if the entire bridal party is in a limo, suction cup the GoPro to the inside of a window to capture the action inside.


7. HIDE IN CENTER PIECE or floral arrangement

Place the GoPro in a center piece or floral arrangement for a completely different view of the bride and groom at the head table, or of the guests at the reception. This is a great way to capture a time lapse of the bride and groom when toasts are being made, getting video of them stealing kisses throughout the night or the camera shy guests dancing from an inconspicuous angle.


8. Getting Ready

Using a suction cup or removable standard mount, place a GoPro on the back of the door where the grooms suit is hanging (or on a window, etc). When the suit jacket is removed from the hanger, you'll now see a different angle of the groom getting ready with his party.

9. The only acceptable time for a selfie-stick

Get the guests in on the fun, and capture the party from their position! Throw a GoPro on a selfie stick and bring it on the dance floor. This is one situation where a video selfie is not only socially acceptable, but highly encouraged. 

10. bottoms up!

On a bottle of whiskey (or preferred drink) in the grooms room, attach a GoPro to the bottle, maybe with a “swig here” sign, to get really up close and personal!  


While a GoPro isn’t the first thing to put in your bag for a wedding, it is not to be overlooked. It’s small enough to go almost anywhere, and versatile enough to cover a lot of ground on wedding days. These are just a few examples! Have you ever used a GoPro at a wedding? Where did it go, what did it do? Let us know, and give it a try on your next shoot!

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