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8 Filmmaking Accessories You Need, But May Not Have Thought About

Using these tools can save you time - and headaches - when DP’ing your next project.

Many thanks to Bud Simpson for the guest post!

By default, filmmakers are gear-heads and equipment-junkies. The profession is always changing, and therefore so are the tools that we use. However, there a few timeless accessories that every beginner DP should own, and carry with them on each project.

These lesser-known, but tried-and-true accessories can save you time - and headaches - when DP’ing your next project. Because as a director of photography just starting out, you’re constantly learning how to work quickly and efficiently while simultaneously engineering ingenious workarounds for the problems that arise on set.

And without the basic tools for caring for and maintaining your equipment, troubleshooting technical issues that arise, and capturing the best possible images with your gear, your job becomes frustrating and more time consuming.

So why make your job harder when there’s an easy fix?

The Tools

Of course, a DP should have access to the equipment, lighting gear, and lens kits he or she will be working with on the project, as well as a working knowledge of the equipment. Additionally, they should spec out supporting gear such as external monitors, grip and stabilization, and whatever else they’ll need for the shoot.

#1. LED pocket light

Light leaks and lens flares are considered to be a desired effect by some DPs. Especially if they’re trying to achieve a more natural aesthetic. A small, pocket-sized LED light is great to have in your camera bag. It’s especially handy when you’re in a pinch and want to add a light leak or lens flare.

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