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3 Lights Perfect For Lighting A Car Interior

Lighting vehicle interiors for a film has always been a somewhat tricky task. Small confined spaces and power requirements make traditional hot lights impractical, not to mention, dangerous. In this post, we’ll look at 3 compact lights for lighting talent in a car. 

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Bright Tangerine Revolvr Follow Focus

If you’re the kind of shooter who’s happened upon this page because you need silky smooth focus control that doesn’t mess around, you’ve come to the right place. The Bright Tangerine Revolvr is a newcomer to the established follow focus scene of ARRIs and O-Connors but don’t be fooled; this thing is no freshman effort.

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7 Ways To Record Better Audio At Weddings

Want to improve your audio game for your next wedding film? Check out these tips and get some gear recommendations for capturing better audio at your events.

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Video Gear For The 2017 Wedding Season You'll Want To Try

Canon 5D Mark IV

One of the biggest releases last fall was the much anticipated Canon 5D Mark IV. If you need your wedding cameras to capture both stills and video, this is the perfect hybrid. Some new features on the video end are DCI 4K video and a refined implementation of the Dual Pixel Autofocus. This lets you use the touchscreen LCD to perform touch-to-focus pulls at varous speeds across nearly the entire frame. It really is a breeze to use and opens up a ton of avenues for creativity.

Pair that with other helpful features such as wireless control with the Canon Camera Connect app and you've got a remote camera you can record and focus from your smartphone. We're sure you can think of a ton of ways to use a remote camera without needing a second shooter. Should you upgrade from a Mark III to a Mark IV? We can say that the improvements are much greater than the specs would suggest. Not sure? Rent one and try for yourself.

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Lavs vs Shotgun Mics

Bad audio is the number one thing that doom the success of a video. Viewers will tolerate a bad image for far longer than sound that’s difficult or grating to listen to. This is why it’s imperative that your videos capture the best audio possible. Chances are you’re here because you’ve struggled to get good sounding audio with your camera’s built-in-microphones and we can help.

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