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EQUIP: Film By Vashon Jordan - "Death of a Black Rose"

There are incredible stories all around us, waiting to be uncovered and brought to life. At LensProToGo we are so thrilled to be able to be a part of these projects through EQUIP: Helping Creatives Create.

Our first artist to be helped through this program is a young filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois, Vashon Jordan Jr, who is a recent graduate at Brooks College Prep. This fall he’s off to Kennedy-King College for his associate's degree and plans to attend Columbia College Chicago to complete his Bachelors in Television Production.

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Filming A Western With A Low Budget: Film Riot

As kids, most of us dream of being cowboys. Ryan Connolly of Film Riot made this dream come true for his crew during the making of Westworld to Yuma. Watching the short you may immediately jump to the conclusion that with the location, costumes, props and, most important, quality of film, Ryan had a big budget to work with. You might be surprised to learn that with the gear listed below, they filmed the entire low budget short in just 1 day. Watch the full film here:

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The Secret Sauce: How to Build a Creative Business

For this blog post, we reached out to our filmmaking friend Matt Davis of Studio Sherpas. We asked Matt what he believed was the secret sauce to building a creative business. Below is what he had to say.

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Hot Rod Cameras: Los Angeles Camera Rental Pickup Location for LensProToGo

LensProToGo is excited to announce a partnership with Hot Rod Cameras, located in Burbank California. As of today, they will act as a certified pickup location for LensProToGo rentals.

Hot Rod Cameras offers a unique boutique video experience that includes expert technical support. The partnership provides the Los Angeles camera rental market with an additional option. 

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What To Expect When Working With A Post Production House: Archaius Creative

How many hours do you spend editing a week? What about a month or a year? It's terrifying to think about right? What if you could get those hours back to continue doing what you really love: shooting films. 

We reached out to our friends at Archaius Creative, a post production house you know from our YouTube channel, to get an idea of what filmmakers can expect when working with service like theirs. 

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6 Ways To Shoot For Post Production

There are an incredible amount of things to consider when shooting a film. In the excitement of pre-production, post production can be overlooked. Small errors while shooting could turn into long, frustrating, hours at the computer. In the end, these things could cost not just time but money to fix. We reached out to our friends at Archaius Creative for some tips on ways to shoot for post production. 

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Foster Visuals: The One Passion Project Every Creative Should Make Time For

Have you ever stopped to think about how many people there are in the world you know nothing about? What it would be like to live someone elses life who resides on the other side of earth from you? Ever wondered if there was someone else doing the same exact thing as you at the same moment? If someone who has the same name as you shares any other similarities?  

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Is The Sony FS7 Mark II Worth The Upgrade?

Is the new Sony FS7M2 (sometimes also called the Sony FS7 Mark II or FS7 Mk II) worth the extra $1,500 over the original? Should you consider upgrading? In this post, we dig into the camera, tell you what changes were made, where upgrades didn't happen and try to help you decide if it's worth the extra money. 

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5 Small Video Lights That Pack A Punch

When you're shooting a short film, commercial or interview, there is a likely possibility that you'll have plenty of room to set up lights. You may even have a crew that can help out! In the case that you don't have room, or when you're traveling on foot to the location, bringing tons of lights and gear with you isn't an option. 

In this post, we talk about our 5 favorite small video lights that are perfect for travel and small shooting locations, and can stay in your bag no matter where you go.

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Film Riot's Favorite Cameras

If you've seen any Film Riot episodes, you know the host Ryan Connolly uses a slew of cameras, lenses and lighting during his productions. In the above video, he calls out 5 of his favorite camera bodies that he shot with in 2016. This doesn't necessarily mean that these cameras came out in 2016, however, as you'll find below!

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