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Apr 6, 2017 // 4:37 PM

Video Gear For The 2017 Wedding Season You'll Want To Try

Written by Mike Duval

Canon 5D Mark IV

canon_5d4-1.jpgOne of the biggest releases last fall was the much anticipated Canon 5D Mark IV. If you need your wedding cameras to capture both stills and video, this is the perfect hybrid. Some new features on the video end are DCI 4K video and a refined implementation of the Dual Pixel Autofocus. This lets you use the touchscreen LCD to perform touch-to-focus pulls at varous speeds across nearly the entire frame. It really is a breeze to use and opens up a ton of avenues for creativity.

Pair that with other helpful features such as wireless control with the Canon Camera Connect app and you've got a remote camera you can record and focus from your smartphone. We're sure you can think of a ton of ways to use a remote camera without needing a second shooter. Should you upgrade from a Mark III to a Mark IV? We can say that the improvements are much greater than the specs would suggest. Not sure? Rent one and try for yourself.


Sony PXW-FS7M2 sony_fs7_mark_ii-17.jpg

The latest iteration of the Sony FS7, the PXW-FS7M2, gives shooters a host of upgrades in the creature comfort department to make shooting easier. If there's one thing you don't want on the wedding day, it's your gear getting in your way.

For the FS7M2, Sony stuck with what was working in the sensor and codec departments. From there, it was a total rethink on just about everything else. You ready for this list?

There’s a beefed up locking E-mount, built-in electronic variable ND (great for those indoor-outdoor transitions during the recessional), a revised tool-less adjustable hand grip extension arm, square tube anti-rotation mount for the eyepiece/LCD with a flip up sun hood, a new single latch eyepiece design, 4 more assignable buttons (10 in total), easier access to XQD media slots and finally, a handy power indicator light.

Are they groundbreaking features? No. But we'll take anything that will make following the action of a wedding day easier! The FS7 Mark II will continue to be the one of the top choices for event shooters looking for higher frame rate options and wide dynamic range. For more, check out Greg's overview on our YouTube Channel.

Freefly Systems MōVI Pro

Oh man, we were so excited when Freefly Systems announced the MōVI Pro. As one of the first rental houses in the nation to rent the MōVI, we've followed the line's evolution over the last few years. The thought, design and engineering in the MōVI Pro is downright incredible.movi_pro-17crop.jpg

There's a lot to love about the MōVI Pro, but these are some of our favorite things.

  • 15lbs. load capacity
  • Dual hot-swappable 1.8Ah 22.2v Li-Po batteries
  • Intelligent, easy to use battery chargers
  • Built-in feet so you can set it down
  • MōVI Ring for lots of grip options
  • Fully enclosed wiring
  • Powered Stage with 3x D-Tap connectors
  • 2-Second boot time
  • Fully automatic tuning

Our rental kit also includes the Mimic which is perfect for when you want to focus on framing remotely, simply add your monitor of choice like the Small HD 702. When you need a smooth, cinematic shot at your next wedding and you don't have time to mess with a fussy gimbal, there really is no substitute for a MōVI Pro. Check out all the specs and rent one for your next project here.

Sigma Cine Lenses


Sigma has been on such a roll in the photo world they decided to take a crack at cinema lenses with the new 18-35 T2.0 and 50-100 T2.0 Cine zooms. These lenses are designed for Super 35 sized sensors and are measured in t-stops. Both feature geared focus, iris, and zoom collars as well as bold markings to make your AC’s job easier. These guys weigh in around 4 pounds so they won't break your back on the wedding day. They are also physically much smaller than a comparable cine zoom offering. One feature we like is that they feature 82mm filter threads which make using standard filters without a matte box possible. With this plus the short 180-degree focus throw mean you’ve got a much more responsive lens for run & gun shooting.



Stella Pro Light & Motion LEDs

Stella_5000-1.jpgIf you’re looking to minimize your lighting kit for weddings while being prepared for any weather situation, the Light & Motion Stella Pro 5000 LED light is a compact, daylight balanced, battery powered LED that's completely waterproof to 300 feet, with run times anywhere from 90 minutes to 12 hours depending on output. Equivalent to a 330-watt bulb, you’ll have plenty of light to go around. Shaping is made easy with the included 25 and 50-degree fresnel lenses and detachable barn doors. We also carry a waterproof 3 light kit that includes the Stella Pro 5000, 2000 and 1000 which is perfect for when you need to get the shot regardless of the weather.
Need more output for those large venues and don’t need the waterproofing or even battery power? Check out the Stella Pro 7000 LED (battery powered) or the Stella Pro 10,000c LED (a/c powered) for more output. The best part about all three Stella Pro lights is that they feature a single point light source. This gives you crisp shadows and smooth falloff compared to multi-LED arrays. You’ll also get great color rendition with a 90 CRI and 93 TLCI rating. If you’re looking for something to brighten up a dark & dingy hotel room or dance floor, these powerful hand-held LED lights might be your ticket. 


Thinking about buying some lights? Check out our "Try Before You Buy program"! Our Try Before You Buy program with Light & Motion allows you to rent any Stella Pro LED light or package below for 4 days* for FREE. You will only pay for shipping. This allows you to apply the 4 day rental fee towards a your purchase of the lights.

Other Additions to our Rental Lineup

FUJINON MK 18-55 T2.9 CINE ZOOM - An affordable E Mount cine zoom.

Black Magic Design - Ursa Mini Pro - Awesome 4K footage, now with more buttons!

Sony 18-110 f/4 E PZ G OSS - Wide range power zoom for the the FS7/FS5

Tiffen Black Pro Mist 4x5.65” Filters - Reduce contrast and sharpness for the "film" look.

Tiffen Black Satin 4x5.65” Filters - Smooth out skin & add a subtle bit of flare.

Ez-Rig Vario 5 Gimbal Support Rig - Gimbal weight got you down, get support from above!

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