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Jun 27, 2017 // 8:39 AM

Helping Creatives Create with our new program, EQUIP.

Written by Meg Tetrault

LensProToGo is very excited to share our new program: EQUIP. EQUIP will be a catalyst for photographers and filmmakers to capture the stories that need to be told, that might not otherwise have an outlet to shine without some help.

“The idea for EQUIP really came from our customers: we were receiving gear requests for amazing and diverse projects from filmmakers and photographers of all different backgrounds. While we were able to assist and move some of these projects forward, we realized that we needed a better process to handle these requests. We needed a better way to understand the scope of these visions, and to get to know the creatives behind them,” stated Paul Friedman, founder and CEO of LensProToGo.


Take for instance the Foster Visuals passion project. Without the help of the film and photography community, (LensProToGo was able to provide a piece of equipment to help), Foster Visual’s While I’m Here, living legacy project would not happen. The stories of Nalongo would go untold, uncaptured and unseen. It is this type of inspiring project and story that EQUIP was designed to bring to life.  Submit your project to LensProToGo EQUIP

LensProToGo can help provide gear to creatives who have compelling stories to tell. What story are YOU ready to tell? Are you working on a passion project, a project of adversity, a story of triumph or maybe a photo essay of current times? Let us help you bring this project to life, through a grant of gear.

Ready to get equipped? Submit your project here.


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