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5 Tips for Winter Wildlife Photography

This December and January we set out to photograph the Red Foxes in the winter scenes of eastern Canada. While we were happy to photograph the normal flame colored pelage of Red Foxes, we were also seeking the rarer color phases of the Red Fox found in North America: the Silver (or Black) which is a fully melanistic morph and the Cross, which is a partially melanistic morph.

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How To Fix Err 01 Error on Canon Cameras

Of all of the error codes, the Err 01 is probably one of the most common. It occurs when there is a faulty communication between your camera and lens. In this post we'll explain exactly what you should and shouldn't do when trying to resolve this error.

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Solar​ ​Spectacle​ ​-​ ​A​ ​2,500​ ​Mile​ ​Adventure​ ​to​ ​Photograph​ ​the​ ​Eclipse

The blog post below is a guest post by Jamie Walter 

Have you ever picked a place out on a map and just gone to it?

That’s how my pilgrimage to photograph the Great American Eclipse started. After months of brainstorming different ways to capture the August 2017 solar eclipse, the one thing fellow adventure photographer Chris Shane and I never planned was exactly where we would shoot from.

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6 Tips For Getting Sharper Photos With A Super Telephoto Lens

One of the most exciting aspects of being a photographer is shooting with a super telephoto lens. While many of these lenses are out of the price range to buy, they are a great item to rent. The only downfall to renting is that you'll only have the lens for a limited amount of time. Read these 6 tips to getting sharper images to make sure you're getting great images right from the start!

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Choosing The Right Telephoto Lens: Wildlife Photography

Reading through a Canon, Nikon, Sony (or any other brands) product guide is a great way to understand the full range of lens options that are available. That said, they always seem to be lacking context regarding how far away subjects were from the camera in the example photos. In this post, we fix that!

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Choosing The Right Telephoto Lens: Sports Photography

I have always loved the Nikon Full Line Product Guide - I would pour over all of the new gear and features. It was a great way to learn about all the lens options and what each had to offer. As good as it was though, the images often lacked context. There would be an image of a lighthouse shot with a 500mm lens with no indication of how big the subject was or how far away the photographer had to stand, etc.

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5 Things You Should Keep in Your Camera Bag

With the busy wedding season rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to ensure you have everything prepped for your upcoming shoots. One of the top ways to prepare is to make sure you have the tools necessary to succeed during the wedding day in your camera bag. 

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Akash Wadhwani: Landscape Photography with the Sony a7RII

We love seeing what our customers are capturing in the field. One shooter who's really caught our eye is Akash Wadhwani. He's a landscape and wedding shooter based in Chicago, Illinois, though you wouldn't know it from his photos. We had the chance to interview him about how he captured a few landscape images as well as some of the tricks he's learned along the way.  

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8 Marketing Ideas For Wedding Photographers


What are you doing this year to place your wedding photography business in front of ideal clients? Active and strategic marketing in your business is key to booking more weddings and growing your business. We reached out to wedding photo editing company ShootDotEdit to find their thoughts on the top marketing tips.

As a wedding photographer, marketing is vital to help you place your images in front of ideal clients. We reached out to photographers Justin and Mary Marantz and The Scobeys to bring you 8 marketing ideas to use for your wedding photography business.

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7 Business Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow

In your business, you have plenty of responsibilities on your plate. When the tasks on your list begin to pile, it becomes slightly overwhelming to decide which you should work on first (or how to prioritize your time). As a photography editing service, ShootDotEdit helps wedding photographers streamline their business by taking post production off their plate. We reached out to them to discover ways to accomplish more in less time to stay on track with your tasks.

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